Friday, November 16, 2012

Siilihai-mobile 0.9.4 released for Harmattan

0.9.4 uses libsiilihai 2.1.0 -> it has TapaTalk support.

I'm uploading it to repository, but until it's accepted you can download it at:

Still beta quality, but report any bugs you find.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Siilihai 2.1 released

 - TapaTalk login is now supported.
 - Fixes some crasher bugs introduced in 2.0.
 - Other minor fixes & enhancements.

Available for Ubuntu and Windows.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Siilihai 2.0 released with TapaTalk support

Last weekend version 2.0 of Siilihai client was released. It contains a single major change that has been requested most often: support for TapaTalk forum API.

TapaTalk is supported by over 40000 forums so it is possible that your favourite forum already has it.

The client looks almost the same as 1.3, but there have been major changes under the hood and on the server side. This may cause some unstability compared to previous versions so please report any bugs you find.

 - Support for different forum providers. This means we can have parsed forums (requiring no support for server) and TapaTalk which requires a plugin to be installed on server.
 - TapaTalk is still experimental but seems to work fine on tested forums.
 - New "subscribe to forum" dialog which allows any URL to be entered. Siilihai automatically checks which provider to use for the URL.
 - Sync optimizations & various bugfixes.

 - 2.0 is available for Ubuntu and Windows only. If you can compile and package a Qt application for OS X or other Linux/BSD distributions such as Debian, Fedora and SUSE please contact us. We want to support as many OS's and distributions as possible but we need community support.
 - Mobile version is still using old code and will be upgraded soon.

Coming soon:
 - Authentication support for TapaTalk forums.
 - Upgrade Mobile version to use latest code.

If you are a forum owner, please install the free TapaTalk plugin from

Have fun!!