Monday, August 16, 2010

What's coming

No new release for a while so I'll brief you about what's going on:

I have noticed that starting Siilihai is slow especially when syncing a lot of new messages. I decided to optimize it a bit and ran it in valgrind. I noticed that 40% of time is done updating read message counts on UI which is totally waste of time. Time to optimize. I'm currently modifying the message-thread-group-subscription classes so that changes (such as unread count) are emitted in different signals and UI can react to only what is necessary. The work is still in progress but already shows faster startup times.

Startup can also be made faster by starting forum update instantly after forum's read status has been updated. This will be implemented later. I want all to be perfect before 1.0.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Windows and Slackware versions released

A beta version of Siilihai for Windows has been released. You can find it behind "Get Siilihai" link.

By request from users the Windows version stores its configuration and database in its installation directory. This makes Siilihai a portable software, ie. you can copy the whole directory to a USB stick and run it on different PC's.

The Windows version is still beta and has been built with debug symbols. This makes it larger (installation package is 96 megs) and slower than a release version would be. Debugging will be turned off when the application is stable enough to be called not beta. There may still be bugs and crashers around so feel free to report them.

Also Lassi Kojo has created SlackBuild scripts for Slackware Linux.

Now go to download page and join the mailing list!

Friday, August 6, 2010

0.9.12 Really released

Looks like Ubuntu's Launchpad rejected the last 0.9.12 but now i (hopefully) fixed the build and submitted 0.9.12-2 into repo.

This also should fix newly subscribed groups not syncing properly sometimes.

Windows version to be released soon. I already have built it and it is in closed testing right now. There have been a lot of new users registering and even adding new forum parsers. Big thanks for you!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

0.9.12 Released

This release brings minor tweaks:
  • Threads with more messages available are marked with + in unread message count.
  • Unread message count was not always displayed in forum list. This should be now fixed.
  • Optimization turned back on. Previous versions were unoptimized to aid debugging.