Friday, March 26, 2010

New release, Ubuntu PPA

I have been tweaking the client for some time now and it's getting ready for the next major release 0.8.0. For user's perspective it now never "locks" the UI while updating so you can actually see how new messages are added one by one after you click update. Also adding and deleting forums should work much more smoother now. You can for example subscribe to new forums while the client is updating others.

I have updated (almost) all my PC's to Ubuntu Karmic so most development now happens on it. I may create packages for older releases if there is need but i suppose most users are using Karmic currently.

I have added a personal package archive (PPA) for Siilihai to Ubuntu Linux. Please add ppa:ville-ranki/siilihai to your System | Administration | Software Sources. On Karmic they've made adding PPA repos that easy! Thanks Mark!

Ubuntu's Launchpad also builds on both i386 and amd64 so from now on there will be packages for both architectures.

The 0.8.0 release is still a bit buggy - actually i forgot to push the latest version to github from my laptop so except some crashes. I'll promise to upload the fixed version as 0.8.1 next week. If you have the PPA repository added, it'll be automatically updated with your other packages.

Have fun!

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