Tuesday, April 27, 2010

0.9.0 Released with sync support!

Siilihai 0.9.0 has been released to Ubuntu repository and github. This release fixes several bugs, probably adds some new ones, and enables synchronization of message read status.

What does syncing mean?

Syncing is only useful if you use Siilihai on multiple computers. Siilihai uploads list of messages which have read to server when you quit it. When you start Siilihai on another computer, it downloads the list and applies it to the current state. This way your readers stay in sync always.

Release notes:

- There have been a lot of invisible changes in this release. There may be some crasher bugs still left.

- Syncing can be enabled or disabled in the settings.

- Sometimes for example the order of synced messages may be wrong. Switch to another group and then back to update the list properly.

- Your message database will be reset after the upgrade.

- Groups and Messages that your client doesn't know about are displayed as "?"'s. Click "Reload" and they should change to the real names. This will be automated later.

Please test this and report any bugs you find!

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