Monday, September 20, 2010

0.9.15 Released

This release adds some functionality and makes updating long threads faster. From now on Siilihai remembers the last page number of thread and when updating continues from it. This should make updating really long threads much faster. The downside is that edited or deleted messages won't be detected. For this a "Force update of thread" option is added. If you think a thread is out of sync, you can use it and Siilihai updates the thread from the first page.
Because of this change, the message database schema has changed and your message database will be reset.

The message view modes have been implemented - HTML (the basic), Text (For oldschool Usenet fans) and HTML Source.

The architecture has been changed so that the same QNetworkAccessManager is used to display messages - in other words image loading on HTTP protected sites now work.

Quoted text is now shown with darker background. Earlier it was sometimes difficult to see which parts of message were quotes from previous posts.

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