Friday, March 2, 2012

New N9 version

Here's a new version of Siilihan Mobile for Harmattan. It now looks a bit better and is actually useful.

Known issues:
- No icon (launch from terminal)
- Subscribing forums crashes
- Syncing & updating takes time and there still is no progress bar. Launch in terminal /opt/siilihai-mobile/bin/siilihai-mobile to see output log
- Quit with Menu/Quit, NOT swipe. Swipe just kills the app and does not sync or store the database properly
- Message dialogs (errors etc) are shown as black screens
- In login/registration dialog username's first letter is capitalized
- A lot of planned features are still missing


If you installed the previous version, remove it with apt-get remove libsiilihai siilihaimobile. siilihai-mobile now contains libsiilihai so it's no longer needed separately.

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