Thursday, July 26, 2012

Siilihai 1.2.0 released

New versions uploading for Ubuntu and Windows.


 - Using Siilihai without creating an account is now possible. Without account it's not possible to sync status between readers, create new parsers, or report working or broken parsers so it is still recommended to create an account if you seriously want to use Siilihai.
 - When changing from group to another, the previous group is synced. This makes quitting a bit faster. More optimizations like this coming later. 
 - Various changes & fixes in libsiilihai.

Please report any bugs.

Update: Don't download the windows version - build process has changed a bit and the installer is broken. New version to be released soon.
Windows version works now, enjoy!


  1. Any chance of a Mac OS X release?

    1. I don't have a mac box so i can't make them myself. I'll ask a mac builder to build the next major version.