Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Siilihai-mobile for Jolla Sailfish released! (Updated: 30.12.2013)

I'm proud to announce availability of Sailfish version of Siilihai-mobile. It is an almost complete rewrite of the old Siilihai-mobile for Nokia Harmattan and i call it "version 2.0".

The ui works, but still requires some tuning. Known issues:
  • Password entries show password in plain text.

Consider this beta quality, and please report any issues you find.

On technical side, the new siilihai-mobile uses only standard QML elements - it does not use Sailfish or any other components that would break portability. Android version with 100% same source code to follow soon.

Download at:

Installation (while waiting for Harbour store acceptation):
  • Download the rpm
  • Go to developer mode
  • Open terminal
  • devel-su (password is nemo)
  • cd /home/nemo/Downloads
  • pkcon install-local siilihai*.rpm

Latest update: 30.12.2013


  1. Just learned that I can hide the keyboard by swiping down over it.
    Keyboard was standing infront of Siilihai's own buttons preventing pressing them ...

  2. Yep.. I'll try to figure out why it does that even when none of the text entry fields have focus.