Friday, February 28, 2014

Siilihai-mobile 2.0.8 released

The mobile version 2.0.8 has been released for Sailfish and Android. New features:
  • Various ui improvements including search function for forums and groups.
  • Loading screen for Android. For some reason the Android version loads really slowly compared to Sailfish version. This will be investigated and hopefully fixed.
  • Library is now less strict for some error situations and doesn't assert on them. In other words, Siilihai doesn't appear to crash if server sends bogus data.

The Android version is now available at Google Play. It costs $2 to download. It was a difficult decision to decide between free and paid app, but i decided to release as paid app. The reasons are:
  • I had to pay $25 for the Google Play developer account.
  • I do not use a Android phone so Android version is just extra work for me.
  • Profit :-) (I'm happy if I get the $25 back). 
Siilihai will continue to be open source, and the Android version will be available for free manual download. If you want to maintain a free version of Siilihai in any app store, you can do it.

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