Thursday, March 23, 2017

Siilihai 2.6 released

This version mostly fixes bugs & enhances the underlying architecture. It also should be faster after some profiling & optimizations.

This release is available for Linux only for now. I've decided to publish it as snap package from now on. Ubuntu users will find Siilihai in the software center. On other distros, you can install snap first (instructions here) and siilihai-client with it. This way Siilihai is available for practically all modern distros. Rpm/deb packaging can be done if needed.

I've had trouble with Windows packaging, as the latest Qt SDK doesn't install cleanly on Wine. Looks like I'll have to use real Windows to make builds. I'd really like if someone from community could take over the Windows builds. Mail me at if you want to do so. Windows version is to be released when I get it done.

New android version is in testing and will be available soon. It'll be published probably in F-Droid instead of Google Play.

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